China to launch artificial moon!


China to launch its own artificial moon by 2020


The People’s Republic of China is planning to launch its own 'artificial moon' by 2020 to replace streetlamps and lower electricity costs in its urban areas.

According to reports, a city in China’s south-western Sichuan province, Chengdu, is developing "illumination satellites" that will shine in tandem with the real moon, but just eight times brighter.

The illumination satellites are being developed by the Tian Fu New Area Science Society in close coordination with other universities and institutes, including the Harbin Institute of Technology and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp.




·        China’s first man-made moon will launch from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan. 

·        The first test will be experimental and if it goes well, three more artificial moons will be launched in 2022. The satellites are expected to carry great civic and commercial potential. 

·        The satellites could replace streetlamps in urban areas, saving huge amount spent on electricity every 

·        The extraterrestrial source of light could help rescue efforts in disaster zones during blackouts.

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