PM Modi releases commemorative coin on Paika Rebellion; inaugurates IIT Bhubaneswar campus


Prime Minister Narendra Modi released the commemorative coin and postage stamp in memory of Paika Rebellion during his visit to Bhubaneswar to commemorate Paika Rebellion.

The decision to commemorate the bi-centenary of the Paika Rebellion was announced in the Budget Speech 2017-18.

In 1817, forty years before the revolt of 1857, Buxi Jagabandhu roused his brave Paika warriors against the oppressive British Raj in Khordha and led them into battle.

On the same occasion, the Prime Minister dedicated the IIT Bhubaneswar campus to the nation. IIT Bhubaneswar will spur the industrial development of Odisha, and work towards technology to improve the lives of the people. It would help generate employment for the youth of Odisha.

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